1. Who should I contact to get my passport renewed?

    • Visit Passport Acceptance Facilities at your post office. Learn more here.

  2. Why haven’t I received an update on my case?

    • Each government agency has 30 business days to respond to congressional inquiries.

  3. Can you get me a same day appointment at the passport agency?

    • We will try our best, in person appointments are for emergency travel and life/death situations.

  4. When should I apply for a passport renewal?

    • A minimum of one year before your passport expires, most countries will not let you travel if your passport expires within 6 months.

  5. Why doesn’t my tax advocate call me to give updates?

    • Once a congressional inquiry is made on your behalf tax advocates communicate with staffer, who relays messages to constituents.

  6. I can’t get to a live person at the IRS, who can I call?

    • Taxpayer Assistance Center - Service By Appointment Only 844-545-5640 (Detroit, MI).

  7. What do I do if I’m traveling internationally this year?

    • Be sure to apply sooner rather than later. Find out how to apply here.

  8. I need to expedite my passport because of a death or illness in the family, what do I need?

    • Please contact our office so we may contact the Department of State on your behalf. You will need: 1) proof of imminent travel, 2) evidence of an ill or deceased relative (i.e., a medical document that must be translated to English by a certified translator) and 3) evidence of relationship to the ill or deceased relative. Please see the Department of State’s page on expedited passport applications here.

  9. I need to expedite a passport for an urgent reason that is not a life-or-death situation, what do I do?

    • you may call the National Passport Information Center to request an appointment at 1-877-487-2778.

  10. I have travel plans within the next couple months and would like to receive an expedited passport, how would I do that?

    • you may request expedited processing of your application. Please note, even expedited processing can take up to 9 weeks. For more information, visit the State Department website.

  11. How do I find out what my travel restrictions are if I have any?

    • The Department of State encourages travelers to enrull in their Smart Traveler Enrullment Program (STEP), which is a free service that allows U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to receive country-specific safety updates, and ensures the U.S embassy can contact you in the event of an emergency.

  12. How do I apply for Social Security?

    • You can apply for Social Security online here or by calling their national number: 1-800-772-1213.

  13. How do I find my local Social Security Office?

    • Please search for your local office here. The tull-free “office” number is your local office. Local Social Security offices are available for walk-in service, however they encourage applicants to schedule in-person appointments in advance if possible to avoid long wait times.

  14. I need a Supplemental Security Income Application, where do I start?

    • To start a Supplemental Security Income application, please start here.

  15. How do I start an Immigration Case?

  16. How do I find affordable housing?

  17. What do I do if my landlord is being difficult?

    • We recommend that a constituent reach out to somewhere with free legal services to understand housing laws and hopefully find a resulution. Below are a few free legal resources

    • United Community Housing Coalition; (313) 963-3298

    • Legal Aid and Defender Association; (313) 967-5800

    • Legal Aid and Defender’s Association; (313) 967-5555

  18. I have issues related to unemployment insurance, where do I go?

    • For assistance with the Michigan State Department of Labor, please contact your Michigan State Senator or State Representative. You can look up your state representative here.

  19. I am out of district, how do I find out who represents me?