Foreign Policy

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Foreign Policy

Congressman Shri Thanedar is deeply committed to a balanced and thoughtful approach to defense and foreign policy. He understands that American strength is best showcased through a combination of military might, diplomatic finesse, and social justice.

He has introduced the Equitable Contracting and Small Business Advancement Act to ensure that the Department of Defense's contracting practices are transparent and fair, particularly for small businesses which are often sidelined.

The Congressman also cosponsored the People Over Pentagon Act of 2023, which aims to reduce the Department of Defense budget by $100 billion for fiscal year 2024. This legislation aims to rechannel funds to areas that can strengthen the fabric of American society, such as addressing human needs, tackling the climate crisis, and investing in peace-building and diplomacy.

A supporter of strong international alliances, Congressman Thanedar has backed the U.S.-Israel Partnership and Abraham Accords Enhancement Act of 2023. This bill seeks to bolster cooperation between the United States and Israel and to further solidify the Abraham Accords.